“Camera Crimes: A (Very Lame) Day In The Life” – None of these things belong together Day


Okay, I get that this is a multiple image photo frame and that whoever designed the marketing for this product would want the images to seem like they could conceivably have come from one person or couple. But that does not explain or excuse why on earth these stock photos were chosen, or, for that matter, ever taken in the first place.

Picture 1 = “We just had a fight (possibly while sailing) and are
Giving each other the silent treatment.” Not great but acceptable as a stock photo and appropriate in its use. Picture 2 = “I’m a technologically behind-the-times douche.” First-off, two words: blue tooth. C’mon images selectors let’s try and stay current with technology. Picture 3 = “After I’m done being a douche I like to vacuum.” WTF?!?! Why, WHY, was this photograph taken? And, even though their is
conceivably a market for photos of male models doing domestic chores, why would ANY REAL PERSON who might buy this picture frame place such a photo in it? “Oh, look honey. Remember that time you did a crappy job vacuuming while talking on you douchey earpiece?”

Picture 4 = Makes sense but by the time I look at it the damage has been done. Again, wow!

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