“They Look So Cute!” – Boring parking lot made interesting with TiltShift Generator – Miniature Faking App, Liberty Village, Toronto


Well, The Daily Mobile celebrated it’s 2nd Anniversary this past Thursday, and today we celebrate another milestone: the first TDM post to feature an image taken and/or altered by an app.

Ever since I saw the regatta scene in The Social Network I’ve been in love with this digital effects version of the view camera’s ability to tilt and shift the focal plane and severely distort the logic of a shot’s perspective.

The result: miniature faking. A mind-teasing effect that when used with subject matter shot at a high angle makes the world look like it’s a model train set; and can help make even the most banal subject matter visually stimulating.

TiltShift Generator is available in the iTunes App Store as a free and paid app.


  • Keith Pace Asciak

    Congratulations on hitting the 2 year mark!

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