“The Ultimate Backlight” – #photo #cameraphone #iPhoneography #sunrise #beach #seagull #Toronto #bluffs #Scarborough

I am not a morning guy; I can sleep-in with the best of them.


But I do love the rare occassions when I have to be up extremely early. You get to see the world in a whole new light – literally.


This was the case with the photoshoot I was on yesterday morning. Call time at the Scarborough Bluffs was 5:30am.


It was dark, cold and – except for the two guys who had clearly been out clubbing and had talked their high-heels and mini-dress clad ‘dates’ into the romance of driving out to watch the sunrise – quiet.


Then the arc of that orange-pink sphere begins to peek above the horizon and the flat grey light begins to separate into highlight and shadows.


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