“Desperate Ingenuity” – Make-shift charging station, Hotel Du Pacha, #Marrakech, #Morocco – #photo #cameraphone #iPhoneography #travel #funny

There is a serious design flaw with travel power adapters. The engineers who design them don’t seem to comprehend that the things that will be plugged into them (mobile phone chargers, camera battery chargers, etc…) will have weight to them.


Add to this the fact that all the outlets in Morocco are installed at least one foot above any surface that could be used to support the weight of an adapter/charger combination, and keeping it physically plugged into the wall becomes nearly impossible.


I managed to jury-rig this ‘support’ system for our mini-powerbar with a Mr. Noodles and a can of Clamato I snagged from the KLM lounge at Pearson – both of which and made it all around Morocco and back to Canada without being consumed.


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