Holiday Helping

Link to Toronto Star article and video about the Toronto Help Portrait


First of all, I want to wish you a happy and healthy holiday season. I hope you get to spend it with family, friends and all those you hold dear.

The holidays are also a time to think about giving back to our communities. I had the good fortune to do just that this past Saturday by participating in Toronto’s Annual Help Portrait event at the Ralph Thorton Centre in Riverside.

Help Portrait is a global movement of over 10,000 photographers who donate their time, gear and expertise to take professional portraits for those who wouldn’t normally have access to such a luxury. Rather than shooting, I helped with the planning and logistics of getting ten photo sets into a space that usually hosts community meetings and play groups.

Ultimately space, power and radio/optical slave issues were remedied and the event was an amazing success with over 100 portraits printed. Several media outlet stopped-by including the Toronto Star whose video of the event you can view here. As the camera pans around the space you can see me in the middle of it all trying my best to look helpful.

Hope you enjoy it, and I hope you enjoy the holidays.



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