Tech Update No. 01


End of Hibernation; Ready for Location


The long studio hibernation of winter is almost over, and outdoor location shoots are just around the corner.

In a previous email update I mentioned working with Miguel Jacob on a location shoot in the Napa Valley. It was one of the largest, most ambitious shoots I’ve ever been on. It included pre-lighting four different sets and constructing a 15 foot tall shooting platform with scaffolding.

Here’s an image of me inside the 22 foot, ten ton equipment truck we had on that job taken by Scott Reid.


Tech Tip

I use PhaseOne’s Capture One digital capture software pretty much 100% of the time I am tech-ing a shoot.

On large shoots, with clients making selects on-the-fly between shots, speeding along the image editing process is essential.

Two keyboard shortcuts I use to do just that are:

Command-B (⌘B) – Show/Hide Browser


Command-T (⌘T) – Show/Hide Tools

Taken together these two shortcuts can double the amount of screen real estate available for comparing multiple images in less than a second.

BEFORE ⌘B and ⌘T :

AFTER ⌘B and ⌘T :