“Going Down” – #Toronto skyline at dusk as seen from the Frank Gehry staircase at the Art Gallery of Ontario – #photo #cameraphone #iphoneography #AGO #Gehry #architecture


This image is the first iPhone photo I have ever posted to The Daily
Mobile. Up to this point all the images on this blog (older,
non-Posterous posts can be viewed at
http://twitpic.com/photos/TheDailyMobile ) were taken with a Nokia

I think Nokia makes great handsets. My 6265i was a great handset –
until it died. But, it got fixed and it was still a great handset.
Then it died again; this time for good.

Apparently this was a common problem with the model, which was
somewhat of an unwanted step-child for Nokia.

Nokia had long ago decided that GSM was the way of the future and CDMA
would eventually die out. To that end, they essentially stopped making
CDMA handsets. However, the size of the CDMA market in North America –
particularly in Canada where number portability was not yet a reality,
caused them to keep getting pulled back in. Albeit, with only half of
their R&D ass in tow. Hence the 6265i: a handset with all the awesome
features of a regular Nokia product but with none of the stability or

It was my sheer love of the Nokia interface and features that made me
revive the damn thing once and desperately attempt to do so a second
time. Ultimately, it was not to be.

With my (finally) portable number, and the bright lights of the
smartphone world beckoning, I decided to take the plunge and get an

Many months had passed between my Nokia dying and getting my iPhone,
yet interestingly enough the dates almost perfectly coincided with two
separate visits to the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO).

So it is that The Daily Mobile climbed Frank Gehry’s stairs with Nokia
and descends them with Apple.

This will not be the last time an image from my 6265i will be posted
here but for the most part from now on The Daily Mobile has joined the
ranks of the iPhoneographer army.