“Kickin’ It Analog” – My verison of the Tiny Planet Photos’ effect by @infodingapps created using a silver tube


There’s been a number of posts and tweets about the new Tiny Planet Photos app by InfoDing (note: their official site is one of the most interesting ‘coming soon’ placeholders I’ve ever seen).

I haven’t had a chance to play with the app myself but the screenshots immediately reminded me of some shots I took on my Nokia 6265i way back in May of 2007 – over a month before the first iPhone launched on June 29th, 2007! (Do you remember life before the iPhone?)

I was assisting on a location photo shoot and we had to assemble a metal table – the type you’d see at European sidewalk cafés. While  goofing-off  working dilligently, I noticed that the interior surface of the table’s centre column was highly reflective. Fascinated by my newfound discovery I immedately began snapping pix of flowers and co-workers.

Obviously, these shots are more simplistic than some of the cool effects and controls it appears you can have with Tiny Planet. However, it is interesting to consider even an effect as ‘digital’ and ‘otherworldly’ as the one provided by this app still has a corollary in the analog realm.